Virtual Healing Service - Advent 2021

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With Deacon Steve Greco and Fr. Steve Correz

God Hears All Prayers

Join us for powerful a evening of worship music, exaltation, and prayers for healing, with a special focus on mental health during this Advent season.

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Let us celebrate Jesus' coming by preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus.


May we abide in God's love and the gift of Jesus. We share in the story of salvation through Jesus.

Adventus in Latin points to arrival of notable person, thing, or event. Jesus' arrival encompasses the arrival of the person Jesus Christ Our King, The Messiah, and the Birth of the Savior of the World. He is the center of our universe as Christians. THE EPIC ADVENTUS!

During Advent of the year, we begin to spend intensified "quality time with family".

We recognize that this can be a time of pressure, expectations for family unity, healing, and joy.

With high expectations and apprehensions, we can fall into situations where emotions run high, disappointments come our way and we need help from the Lord for encouragement, center our spirituality on Him and receive reassurance and a place to rest in God's love and mercy.

Join our continuing series of free Global Virtual Healing Services 

Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing

Participants who submitted their prayer requests live while Fr. Steve Correz  and Deacon Steve Greco prayed for the intentions with all those who attend online both during and after the event was live.

The service will also include powerful praise music and teaching.

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Deacon Steve Greco

Deacon Steve Greco

Deacon Steve Greco is a permanent deacon of the Diocese of Orange, California, and founder and president of Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry (SFHM).  He was born and raised in Southern California, and worked as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry before retiring in 2016.  He founded SFHM in 2014, and now devotes himself full time to ministry under the auspices of the Diocese of Orange.  SFHM engages in Catholic evangelization and the promotion of a healthy spirituality, and assists the foreign missions in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Fr. Steve Correz

Fr. Steve Correz

Fr. Steve Correz  is Parochial Vicar at St. Joachim Catholic Church in Costa Mesa, California.

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