The Path to Healing

Learn to break free from past wounds, heal your family, and live a life of freedom.  

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 A 5-Part Series, Available On-Demand

Whether it’s a strained relationship with a family member or a personal struggle that we face, we’re all broken in one way or another. Too often, we choose to not seek out our own healing, and we forget to ask God to help us.

God is with us in the struggle, if we learn to turn to Him in our times of need.

With select presentations taken from the St. Joseph’s Summit, The Path to Healing will provide you with the keys to becoming whole again.

In this series, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should ask God to heal your family
  • How broken relationships can be made whole again
  • Why healing miracles happen in ordinary, everyday life
  • Whether on your own or with a group of friends, this series is on-demand and can be completed on your own schedule!

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What People are Saying 

  • "Thank you for reminding us the need to be excited about our faith, the need to return to the church with vigor and passion!" - Christine C.
  • "Your message blew my mind and overwhelmed my heart. God spoke to me through you, thanks for your YES in being His servant." - Maribeth C.
  • "The testimony that James shared brought me to tears! What a beautiful reminder of the redeeming love of God. He is able to do all things and yes… Thank you for this gift, your journey and your conversion." - Lizette G.
  • "This was wonderful. These were words of encouragement I needed today." - Ruth S.

Meet Your Presenters 

Ask God to Heal Your Family!
with Deacon Steve Greco

Find Healing in the Ordinary and the Chaos
with Chris Stefanick

Obedience as a Means to Healing
with Crystalina Evert

Healing Makes Us Whole Again
with James Wahlberg

Miraculous Healings are all Around Us
with Jackie Angel

The Path to Healing

Only $17!

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  • Perfect on your own, or with a small group of friends!
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