Dunamis Young Adult Ministry First Meet Up April 29 at Christ Cathedral Diocese of Orange Pastoral Center

Apr 25, 2022

Young Adults and Young Adult Leaders

Join us this Friday at Christ Cathedral to help develop the Dunamis Young Adults Community foundation. Dunamis is a ministry focused on all the Powerful Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Most important is Christ Love for His people. Friday night April 29th 7pm at the Christ Cathedral Pastoral Center, we will introduce the mission of Dunamis Young Adults Community , plan for future events for young adults and how to incorporate the young adults of Orange Diocese. Please rsvp by emailing [email protected] We encourage young adults interest in leadership, music talent, desire to help plan events for young adults, people desiring to grow In relationship with the Holy Spirit in a deeper way. Expect to see events that would include retreats, special speaker nights, worship, prayer ministry, confessions, adoration, fun recreational activities, learning more about Catholic Faith and Traditions, the activation of the Gifts from the Holy Spirit. Come hungry for More of God’s Love and Power! #spiritfillledhearts #dunamisyoungadults 

RSVP [email protected]

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