Follow Up Dunamis Young Adult Ministry First Meet Up April 29 at Christ Cathedral Diocese of Orange Pastoral Center

catholic ministry dunamis healing holy spirit miracles young adults Apr 30, 2022

Last night several people came together to meet up and discus the purpose of Dunamis Young Adults Community.  People that attended were in encouraged to share what they are interested in as young adults and the leadership team expressed the importance of a fruitful and spiritual life which focuses on a healthy relationship with God and to want to share the Good News.  Our aim is to expose the young adults to the receiving, activating and stewarding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to Evangelize.

It beautiful night of prayer community and opening of hearts to the healing hand of God last night at our first meeting of Dunamis Young Adults. People came to help support in the leadership of Dunamis and learn more about the ministry in which we focus on educating the Church about the Ministry of Jesus of Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Love of the Father for His children.  Every meet up will strive to include time for fellowship and refreshments.

The Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful way where hearts were healed, bodies were physically healed and people received inner healing by the Love of Jesus!

We look forward to our next event for Young Adults Barn Night! Please email us to rsvp and get the location of the event at [email protected]




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