St. Joseph, Comfort of the Troubled

Aug 26, 2021
We especially call upon St. Joseph, Comfort of the Troubled after the current events of the world.  May St. Joseph and our Lord Jesus bring comfort to those suffering in Haiti, Afghanistan, and throughout the world.  We know that our God is a God of miracles and St. Joseph, you saw those miracles come to fruition first hand starting with the birth of Jesus.  May we cling to those miracles and may you cover our world with your cloak!
Prayer for the week of Friday, August 27th - Thursday, September 2nd:

We implore you, St. Joseph, Comfort of the Troubled!

We pray this summit brings comfort to many people.  May they see miraculous breakthroughs through direct results of the summit and the intercession of St. Joseph. 

We appreciate your service of prayer to cover this summit with intercession.

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Visit to register today to attend OUR SPIRITUAL FATHER: Pilgrimage to the Heart of Saint Joseph this Sept 30-Oct3, and be sure to invite your friends and family. Together, let's pilgrimage to the heart of Saint Joseph! Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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