Dunamis Testimonies

“...one of the best experiences was experiencing and meeting different people and hearing different people's stories and testimonies of God. Because of this retreat we have a little group chat with our small group people that we can come to for guidance or prayers, which is awesome to have community even though they are in different cities we can come together still to pray and check in with each other.”


“...The retreat was wonderful because it covered exciting topics like charisms and baptism in the Spirit.”


“...Overall I had a great experience and I would live it again. I definitely told people about it and would recommend it.”


“... at adoration I was given new wine, and felt the blissful Joy of God while being filled with the Holy Spirit. The final morning of the retreat, I was shown that I had been given the Charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, including the gift of prophecy and prophetic word! The retreat has profoundly impacted the course of my life."