Meet the Dunamis Team

Father Benjamin Philip Tran


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Katie Hughes


Katie Hughes is an evangelist of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  She is the Director of Operations and Director of Media for Spirit Filled Hearts.  Her hope is to share the Good News in ministry and her daily life.  Her passion is to pray for people for inner healing and physical healing.  Her hope is to help lead people into a deeper relationship with The Trinity and Mary.


Mark Hasselbeck


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Heidy Nocon


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Matthew Garvey


Matt was raised Catholic, but for most of his adult life he had atheist and agnostic leanings. He worked for 4 years in machine learning and artificial intelligence prior to his reversion to faith. Christ then came into his life in a personal and profound way. He now devotes his life to loving the Lord, serving in ministry, and is currently discerning different orders of the priesthood.