"No matter how far you have strayed without a destination, no matter how often you have forgotten Me, no matter how many crosses you bear in this life; I want you to always remember, one thing that will never change. I THIRST FOR YOU – just you, as you are."                    

Saint Teresa of Calcutta



Welcome!The JESUS THIRSTS FOR AMERICA 21-city tour will spur needed revival in the United States! I personally invite you to be a part of this movement of the Holy Spirit with this invitation that aims to bring you and people everywhere to a metanoia experience and a renewal in Jesus Christ through the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. The JESUS THIRSTS FOR AMERICA movement comes alongside the U.S. bishops' initiative for Eucharistic revival and provides a way for the local church to embrace a custom-made old fashioned revival that will provide a means for people to encounter Jesus Christ. Local events will include:  *   Gatherings with powerful evangelists  *   Experience of the power of the Eucharist and the Mass  *   Repentance and Sacramental Confession  *   Tools to better pass on the faith as an evangelist in these challenging timesWe hope you will join us!In Christ,Image.jpegDeacon Steve GrecoPresident, Spirit Filled Hearts MinistryDirector, Evangelization and Faith Formation at the Diocese of Orange

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